Instrument Repairs

Luscombe Music has a comprehensive on-site repair shop capable of everything from simple repairs to complete overhauls. With an accomplished team of repair technicians, we cover the full gamut of instruments — brass, woodwind, percussion, strings and guitars. Our technicians, with over a combined 80 years of experience, will handle your instrument with the utmost care while offering honest pricing and true craftsmanship.


Repair estimates can only be given after a full instrument inspection by one of our repair technicians. We do not offer estimates over the phone. There is no charge for an estimate but if one is requested, repair work will not be done until we have approval by our customer.

Turn-around Time

All repairs are done on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you have an important gig, let us know and we will accommodate your schedule as best as possible.

Brass and Woodwind: Turn-around time for repairs depends on the extent of the repair and how busy the repair shop is.

Orchestral Strings: Simple repairs, such as adding fine tuners, string replacement, chin rest repairs and so on, can usually be done while you wait. Bow rehairs, bridge replacement, sound post set-up, closing seams, require more time. Turn-around time for repairs depends on the extent of the repair and how busy the repair shop is.

Just need new strings? We do restringing in-house for a nominal fee plus the price of the strings, usually while you wait.

Guitar and Other Fretted Instruments: We offer restringing and setup for all guitars (acoustic, electric, and bass) ukuleles and other fretted instruments. We sell individual strings as well as full sets. Please call for pricing.


To provide you with the best customer experience possible, we offer a loaner while your instrument is being repaired. For our current renters and customers who have purchased their instrument from Luscombe Music, this is a complimentary service and is dependent on availability of instruments. If you are not renting from or have not purchased your instrument from Luscombe Music, there is a $20 fee for the use of the loaner provided that a loaner instrument is available. 

Service Contracts

We offer an annual service contract based on the list price of the instrument. Service contracts are offered at the time of purchase of either a new or rented instrument from Luscombe Music. If an instrument has not been purchased at Luscombe Music, the instrument must go through our repair shop and be brought to normal playing condition at the cost of the customer before placing it under a repair contract. Once the instrument is in working order, a service contract may be purchased. Service contracts cover all repairs needed for normal playing condition. It includes an annual tune-up which is recommended during winter or summer break. Service contracts do not include theft, vandalism, complete overhauls, re-lacquering or repairs deemed not necessary to the normal playing of the instrument.




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